“Afro Argentina” will be apiece in which I will express the roots of the sounds and rhythms of my land mixed with the orchestral timbres and current and own harmonies. A new path of search for that wonderful and powerful union between popular and academic music. A chacarera, a zamba,  a candombe and a malambo will make up the set of dances that will be interconnected through the musical themes, each one also taking a compositional structure and style from our European musical past.

Approximate duration: 10-12 min
Starting composing: september 2022


The Princess Escapes – for Concert Band


Synopsis: Inspired by numerous fairy tales, this piece seeks to narrate the moment in which a princess realizes her confinement and desperately tries to escape from her dungeons and achieve her longed-for freedom. La Princesa Escapa is an already composed – not released – piece for choir and orchestra. This consortium is created to give life to an adaptation for concert band. Duration: 3:40 minutes. Difficulty: Medium – Grade 3 / 4  Sheet Music Delivery Date: 6 weeks after completing the consortium. Instrumentation: Flutes 1.2.3. Oboes 1.2. Bassons 1.2. Bb Clarinets 1.2.3. Bass Clarinet, Alto Saxophones 1.2. Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Bb Trumpets 1.2.3. F Horns 1.2. Trombones 1.2.3. Euphonium, Tuba,  Double Bass, Timpani, Percussion 1 (Glockenspiel & Bass Drum) Percussion 2 (Vibraphone & Xylophone) Percussion 3 (Crash Cymbals, Suspended Cymbal & Triangle) Percussion 4 (Tubular Bells & Snare Drums  

Click to hear to listen to the choral-orchestral version of the piece.






“The eternal return” is a piece inspired by Milan Kundera’s book, “The unbearable lightness of being”. The suite will give each character a musical theme: to Tomás, Teresa, Sabina and Franz, but also to Beethoven’s famous “es muss sein”, and to the Russian occupation of the Czechoslovak nation. Nietzsche’s concept of the “eternal return” will be present so that the work will present its themes again and again, although always in a different way. These will intertwine and develop according to the relationships that arise between the actors and their emotions throughout each of the 7 parts of the Czech writer’s work.  

Approximate duration:  14 – 16 min
Starting composing: 






“Life” is a work that talks about life in 7 parts. Like in real life the 7 stages not be separated, but musically united in a single movement, which will go through 7 instances of the life of a human being, – at least that is the arbitrary and subjective way that I chose to make that division – which are: birth, childhood, adolescence, youth, adulthood, old age and death.

It will be a work for voices and orchestra. in which the lyrics, always written in the first person, will recount the various emotions that a human being goes through, understanding that from the individuality of this human being, universality will inevitably be expressed since the human species is integrated into the human emotions that characterize us.

Joy, fear, expectation, love, frustration, sadness, enthusiasm, are common and recognized by all of us, regardless of our country of origin, our gender, our social position. “Life” talks about the life of a person, who when talking about himself, will also be talking about the life of all of us.

Starting composing: June 2023
Approximate duration:  20 min